Broadmead Baptist Church - EMJ Architects
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Broadmead Baptist Church

The Broadmead Baptist Church is located in the Broadmead shopping district in the centre of Bristol. It replaced a previous church located on the same site when it was demolished in 1967 and was designed as the ’church above the shops’.

In addition to the main the church use, the building was designed with a number meeting rooms and halls which are increasingly being used for secular activities by businesses and community groups, which provide a valuable source of income to the Church.

Our brief was to increase the presence of the church entrance in relation to the surrounding commercial uses and improve the legibility of the interior in terms of signage and lighting.

Our proposals were mindful of preserving the existing quality of a beautifully intricate and well preserved example of post-war city centre redevelopment whilst making alterations that will enable the building to be used efficiently by the church and groups from the wider community.