Outside Inside Garden for RHS Hampton Court - Projects - EMJ Architects
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  • Curved Willow Wall
  • Artists Representation
  • Window
  • Walk through
  • Twisted Hazel

Outside Inside Garden for RHS Hampton Court

The Outside Inside Garden was exhibited in 2016. With a successful collaboration between Emma Bannister CMLI & Ben Donadel of EMJ architects. The garden won the Silver-Gilt Medal at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. The Outside Inside garden was designed forĀ  The National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome. It was inspired by the stories of those who suffer from severe premenstrual syndrome.

Visitors began at an area of hazel woodland with native ground planting. A curved willow screen hid the garden from view. Walking into the garden and along the curved path, the inside was gradually revealed through gaps in the screen until a large window offered a clear view of the central feature – a contorted hazel.


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